Organic Device

Organic Device is an independent artist, and music producer, making electronic music. The artist started around the year 2000 creating music by using a computer and electronic equipment (Device) as the main platform and interface. Thereby the artist (Organic) can express moods, ideas and feelings. 

The name Organic Device not only refers to the human - instrument interaction, but also to the fact that the two are getting closer and closer, and that this might lead to a symbiotic relationship. Another aspect of the name Organic Device is that as Devices are getting closer to being organics, humans are sometime also treated as devices, that can be thrown away for a newer model. 


Better Save:

If you save, you can go back in time later and visit who you were back then.


The Organic-Device relation:

Memory: The connection between organic and device is getting stronger and stronger, and the two, once separated, are starting to merge. This is a symbiotic relationship benefiting both, and contributing to a continuous evolution.



In some of these connections music arises, develops and gets released through the devices, connecting to others in ways never possible before.


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Watch "In The Sky",

a video about exploring the unknown, and expanding the knowledge our existence. Will Devices continue to play an important role in this development, and will they have some kind of consciousness in future models?




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