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September - December 2017. Singles: "I See You", "Closer to Your HeArt", "Still In Love", "A Walk in the Park on Moon Base Luna 5", "Nighttime" and "Running" released and added to the "Organic Device - Singels 2016-2017" Spotify playlist


"The Distant Lights of a Dancing Star" released 7th September 2017.

Follow "The Butterfly at the Ascending Gates to the Hidden City" released 31th August 2017.

New Youtube channel "Organic Device (Music)" with a Short playlist


Listen to "The Adventure of the Electric Bird" released 4th August 2017.

Let the "Starlight" shine. Released 23th July 2017

Feel "Free" (released 15th May 2017).


We are all faced with choices, and need to find the right way. Hope you find the right path, for your journey through life. "Were Do I Go" released 25th May 2017.

"Never Alone" released 16th May 2017.

"Dance The Blues Away" is released 5st May 2017. Listen and follow Organic Device on Spotify. If you want to lift your mood, and mentally or physically dance your blues away, try listen to  "Dance The Blues Away".

"Take My Heart" is released 1st May 2017. Listen and follow Organic Device on Spotify

The single "Talk" is released 17th of April 2017. Listen on Sporify 

 The singles from Organic Device from October 2016 to 2017 (listen on Deezer)


Listen to "Can't Get Enough" on Spotify

The latest projects of Organic Device are a series of the singles released from October 2016. Some of the singles are made as a collaboration with the vocalist Minna. The singles are "Better Save", "You'll See", "Flying High" and "Someone".


Other singles released 2016 are "Weekend", "Space Dive", "Twilight" and "A Dream".

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The 25th of March 2016 the album “Different”, which was released.

Different is made entirely by Organic Device, from the composing and recordings, to the mastering processes. The album is mostly instrumental, but also has vocals on some of the tracks. The album is electronic music with tracks in different tempos, and some nice sounding electronic instruments combined with rhythmic elements. 

Two tracks, from the album, have been released in the beginning of 2016. The first is called “In Love” and was made in the summer 2014. In Love is a reflection of feelings from being in love, and what love can inspire.


The second track is called “Bruce Lee mind” and is based on the vision of being in the stat of a strong mind, focused and ready to overcome any challenges coming our way.


Organic Device started making music, under this name, in the beginning of the millennium, and released the first album “A” in 2006, followed by “B” in 2008. In 2014 the album “Change” was released. The musical styles of the albums are different, even though it all can be considered electronic music.


Before starting Organic Device the artist has been making music for several years. Most of this music was in the quieter genre of New Age.

The music of Organic Device is changing, and the earlier songs sound quit different than the latest. The songs are reflecting the change of the Organic mind, and the Device to express this through.

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